Review of my 2010 Goals

by Joshua Arimi on May 3, 2010

2010 -goals

At the start of this year, I did as many people do. I reviewed my 2009 and set goals for 2010.

It is now four months into 2010. This means a third of 2010 is over. I will now do what most people do not do. Most people set goals but they do not follow up and evaluate themselves.

[note] Most people set goals but they do not follow up and evaluate themselves.[/note]

I would like to review and evaluate myself in this article.

This review will help me gauge how well I am doing.

In the start of the year, I set out many goals. You can read them by clicking here. One of the goals was to launch 3 more websites, Arimifoods, AskArimi and So far, I have launched two of the websites, Arimifoods and Below I will outline these two websites.

In this website, I publish very great  articles on healthy eating.  [important]These articles are very informative and educative. Those who have read them, have really liked them. [/important]

To freely receive the articles that I publish, subscribe for free at After subscribing, the articles will be delivered automatically straight into your email address. So far, I have posted 7 articles in Arimifoods website, these are:

  1. How to Cook Ugali without Sticking on the Pot
  2. Health and Medicinal Benefits of Garlic
  3. Ripening of Bananas with Ethylene-Safe or Harmful
  4. Wax Coating Apple Fruits-Healthy or Unhealthy
  5. What am I eating that is making me sick
  6. Goodness of Brown Bread
  7. Is Your Cooking fat Healthy

The Goodness of Brown Bread has received most clicks

I have revamped One of the great things in is the availability of free past KCSE papers. Anybody can download the KCSE past papers freely.

I would advice those who have computers at home to download and save the papers in their hard disks or memory sticks. This way, it is easy to revise them directly from your hard disk  instead of using printed copies.

I have not managed to launch this site and I am not planning to launch it. This is because I have a lot of websites to update. It consumes great deal of time to write good content. I now prefer to publish few but quality articles rather than many articles of low quality.

Personal development
I have improved a lot in my listening skills and overcame one of my biggest weakness, being judgmental. It took me time and effort to improve these personal skills, but they are worthy the effort. It has not been easy, I had to bite my tongue several times rather than utter some hurting words.

My Holiday in Kenya
In January, I visited Kenya. It was a great experience and I enjoyed my holiday.

It was the first time I took my son, Victor, to see the other relatives. The key motivational activity that I did was to attend prize giving day of my former primary school- Kathera Primary School.

I was also invited as a motivational speaker to Kathera Girls High School. I spoke to them about the five myths of Secondary education. It was a moving speech.

[note]I would also encourage you to take photos of major events in your life. If you do not have a camera, use  your camera phone. You will never regret if you take photos of events of your life.[/note]

Your comments are very much welcome. Leave them below.

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